MAV-RIK™ Brand bulk nails are available with various coatings depending on the application, and the type of nail you require. All our nails meet and or exceed all applicable ASTM specifications. For example, our hot dipped galvanized nails meet ASTM A 153. Our mechanical galvanized nails meet ASTM B 695. All our electro galvanized nails have a zinc flash coating with a minimum of .36 mm. Our Thermal Diffusion coated nails offer superior rust protection, while providing a smoother finish, no hydrogen embrittlement, and are more environmentally friendly when compared to hot dipped galvanized nails. Cement coated sinkers for example, have better holding power, while vinyl coated sinkers are easier to hammer. We also offer painted nails for your specific application! Contact us today to learn more about of MAV-RIK™ brand bulk nails.

  • Electro Galvanized
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Mechanical Galvanized
  • Thermal Diffusion
  • Vinyl
  • Cement
  • Painted

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