Rebar Tie Wire

Black Annealed Tie Wire
Stainless Tie Wire
Galvanized Tie Wire

MAV-RIK™ rebar tie wire is annealed at a uniform temperature for a precise period of time in order to maintain a consistent tensile. Each coil’s “softness” is consistent from coil to coil. Most of our wires are made from Ingot, ensuring its integrity from batch to batch. Our production requirements (with installers in mind) demand efficient wire drawing, consistent annealing cycles, and superior packaging. Our wire is never oily, never rigid, always supple, and dispenses without tangling. All MAV-RIK™ black annealed, epoxy coated, and galvanized tie wire is secured by a simple twist tie for simple, easy and fast unwinding. Solid plastic zip ties securely hold our exclusive stainless coils together, to ensure its integrity.

A Karpat Ltd., has searched the world for the highest quality steel at the most competitive prices in order to ensure our clients can utilize our material SAFELY, efficiently and affordably.

Available in 16 and 16.5 gauges.

Bundling Wire

Available in #9, #10, #12, and #16 gauges, and packed in 50 lb coils, then bundled 10 together in a special wrap to make a 500 lb sleeve. Once the sleeve wrap is opened, each can be utilized without any additional unwrapping.

All our wire is also available in Straight and Cut Lengths, properly packed, crated and shipped in accordance with your requirements and specifications!

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