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MAV-RIK™ Brand bulk nails are exclusively produced to exacting standards. ALL of our bulk nails meet and or exceed ASTM specifications, and also meet CSA standards where applicable. A Karpat is partnered with qualified nail production facilities all over the world, and distributes a product offering second to none. Our quality is recognized throughout North America, and offers a competitive advantage to all our clients. Offered in 50 lb cartons, 48 cartons per standard pallet. 25 lb., and smaller packaging available as well, including plastic buckets. Here we currently provide private label for many retailers, dealers, and distributors across North America, including special designs for cartons and pallet labeling.

We also offer bulk nails in 1200 lb. or 2000 lb. wooden totes! (Gaylord Packaging).


Always wear safety glasses, gloves and filter mask (if necessary) when working with and handling nails.

Corrosion - always choose the proper nail for applications where rust is not acceptable.

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