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Vinyl Tubing – Clear, Reinforced, Suction (Swimming Pool Hose), Rigid Polyethylene Tubing

MAV-RIK™ brand vinyl tubing is produced from EVA Thermoplastics and is suitable for a variety of applications. Sold on reels, in various sizes and lengths.

  • Clear Vinyl Tubing: Suitable for Soap Solutions, Alcohol, Oxygen and a number of Acid and Salt Solutions. Food Grade and Non-Toxic! Sold on reels.
  • Nylon Reinforced Plastic Hoses: Transparent PVC Hose with open nylon Braids embedded between the smooth ID Wall and OD wall. Extremely light, flexible and pressure resistant. Marked by foot for easy cutting and measuring. Food grade and Non-Toxic! Sold on reels.
  • Swimming Pool Hose: Ideal Suction hose for pumps. Drain your swimming Pool, hot tub, pond, etc. Smooth ID and OD. Available in white.
  • Rigid Polyethylene Tubing: Ideal for Refrigerators and coffee machines. Non-Toxic, lightweight. Food Grade. Odorless and tasteless. Approved by FDA for air instrumentation, water lines, and beverage and soda transfer lines. Also suitable for chemical spray. Temperature range -5 C to + 65C. Sold on reels.

Clear Vinyl Tubing Specification Sheet PDF Click to Download Now

Nylon Reinforced Plastic Hose Specification Sheet PDF Click to Download Now

Swimming Pool Hose Specification Chart PDF Click to Download Now

Rigid Polyethylene Tubing Specification Sheet PDF Click to Download Now

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